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Hot Water Rebate Program

The hot water rebate (previously known as the solar hot water rebate) offers up to $1,000 for qualifying heat pump and hot water systems.

Hot water systems are among the largest energy consumers in a household, contributing to approximately 21% of total energy usage (according to YourHome). This significant energy draw can substantially impact household energy bills. However, installing an efficient hot water system, such as a heat pump or solar hot water system, can help manage these costs.

Both solar hot water and heat pump systems consume less energy to heat water and can operate on renewable energy sources. By installing a more efficient solar or heat pump hot water system, households can lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy expenses. On average, homes that install solar hot water systems can save between $140 and $400 annually on electricity bills.

This rebate is ideal for households where solar panels might not be feasible or for those that already have solar panels installed.

The Solar Homes Program assists eligible Victorian households in saving even more. Both new and existing hot water customers can apply for a solar panel PV rebate and loan, as well as an interest-free solar battery loan, to maximize savings with solar energy.

Begin your research today and discover which solar products best fit your home. Our Solar Panel PV Buyers Guide and Hot Water Buyers Guide provide valuable information to help you make informed decisions and start discussions with retailers.

Solar Victoria is streamlining access to incentives for existing customers who relocate.

If you received a hot water rebate at your previous residence and have since moved, you can now apply for multiple incentives for your new property. These incentives include a solar PV rebate and loan, hot water rebate, and battery loan, provided you meet the eligibility criteria listed below.

To qualify, you must reside in the property as your primary place of residence.

As a Victorian homeowner, you may qualify for a hot water rebate if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are the owner-occupier of the property where the system will be installed.
  • The combined household taxable income of all owners is less than $210,000 annually.
  • The property is valued at under $3 million.
  • The property has not previously received a hot water rebate or a solar battery rebate under the Solar Homes Program.
  • The hot water system being replaced is at least three years old from the date of purchase.

A household cannot receive the same Solar Homes rebate more than once. For example, if a householder has previously received a hot water rebate, they are not eligible for another hot water rebate for the same property.

Once you’ve confirmed that you and your property meet the eligibility criteria, you can begin the application process.

Contact an authorized hot water retailer for a quote. To qualify for a rebate, the products must be listed on our approved products list.

Applying for a hot water rebate involves three simple steps.

Important: Do not install a solar hot water or heat pump hot water system until your eligibility has been approved by Solar Victoria, except in emergencies. If you install your hot water system before receiving approval, you will not be eligible for the rebate.

Step 1 – Obtain a Quote

Reach out to an authorized hot water retailer to get a quote for your hot water system installation. Inform your retailer of your intention to apply for the rebate. A list of authorized hot water retailers is available on our authorized hot water retailer page.

Obtaining a quote is necessary to apply for an eligibility number, which your installer will use to confirm they can proceed with your installation.

Solar Victoria advises against signing a quote acceptance or paying a deposit before receiving your rebate eligibility confirmation. At a minimum, ensure any deposit you make is fully refundable.

Step 2 – Apply for the Rebate

Applying for the rebate is straightforward through the hot water rebate portal. The process differs for existing and new customers; please refer to the guides provided for more details.

New Customers

If this is your first time applying for a Solar Victoria rebate, please download the step-by-step guide for the Solar Victoria customer hot water rebate application process below.

Customer Portal User Guide for New Hot Water Customers

PDF 1.43 MB (opens in a new window)

As a new Solar Victoria customer, you will need to provide the following to complete your application:

  • Quote number from an authorized hot water retailer
  • Two forms of ID, which can include:
  • Driver’s license or learner permit
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport
  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Foreign passport with a valid Australian Visa
  • ImmiCard
  • Proof of income: If there is more than one owner of the property, proof of income is required for all listed owners. Each person must provide proof of income documents from the same financial year. Depending on your financial situation, see options for proof of income documents here.

Existing Customers

If you have already received a solar (PV) rebate, please download the step-by-step guide for the Solar Victoria customer hot water rebate application process for existing customers below.

Customer Portal User Guide for Existing Customers

PDF 1.39 MB (opens in a new window)

As an existing Solar Victoria customer, you only need to provide the following:

  • Quote number from an authorized hot water retailer
  • Two forms of ID, which can include:
  • Driver’s license or learner permit
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport
  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Foreign passport with a valid Australian Visa
  • ImmiCard

Ensure that the names on both documents are identical. You can find out more about your Australian citizenship by visiting the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs citizenship website.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you will automatically receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If we have all the required information, your eligibility will be confirmed immediately. If not, we may need to review additional details or request further information.

Step 3 – Get the System Installed

Once you have received confirmation of approval from Solar Victoria, you can arrange the installation of the system by an authorized hot water retailer.

Please note that the product installed must be on our hot water product list.

The rebate will be paid directly to your retailer and deducted from your invoice, ensuring you only pay any outstanding balance once the system is installed.

Important: The hot water rebate is calculated after any other discounts have been applied (including STC and VEEC) and is a 50% rebate on the purchase price of the system up to $1000.

In the case of an emergency hot water system installation, customers do not have to wait for eligibility approval before installing their replacement system. This ensures continued access to hot water.

Specific criteria determine whether a hot water system has been installed in an emergency due to a broken down or unsafe existing hot water system. Customers must submit their eligibility application as soon as possible following the emergency installation and be prepared for the possibility of not receiving a rebate if the eligibility criteria are not met.

Step 1 – Emergency Installation

Contact your authorized retailer to arrange an emergency solar hot water or heat pump installation due to a broken down or unsafe existing water heater.

Inform your retailer that you intend to apply for the hot water rebate and that the program requires the product installed to be on the hot water product list. Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria; otherwise, you will be ineligible for a rebate.

The hot water system is installed.

Step 2 – Apply for Your Rebate

Apply for the rebate through the Hot Water Rebate Portal. Refer to the guides on this page for the process. Check the box for emergency installations when you enter your quote details as shown in the image below.

All hot water installations must be completed by an authorized hot water retailer. You can find a list of authorized hot water retailers here.

When seeking a quote for your hot water system installation, inform your retailer you intend to apply for the rebate.


To be eligible for a rebate, products must be on our hot water products list.

Solar Victoria Hot Water Product List as of May 14, 2024

EXCEL 43.7 KB (opens in a new window)

See our product lists page for more information.

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Unlock the potential of solar for your business.
Solar Panel Rebate

Solar Panel Rebate

Maximize savings with solar panel rebates in Victoria.
Solar Battery Rebate

Solar Battery Rebate

Store the sun's energy and save with battery rebates
Hot Water Rebate

Hot Water Rebate

Efficient hot water solutions, now with rebates in Victoria.
EV Chargers

EV Chargers

Charge up your journey with EV chargers in Victoria.
Support & Services

Support & Services

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Choosing us means investing in a future where clean energy is paramount. We are dedicated to helping reduce the carbon footprint by providing eco-friendly power solutions, driving us closer to a sustainable world for future generations.

Our Simple 3-Step Process to Solar Empowerment

Transitioning to solar power with us is straightforward and hassle-free. We've streamlined the process into three easy steps to ensure you enjoy the benefits of solar energy as soon as possible.

Start your solar journey with a free consultation. Our experts will visit your property to assess its suitability for solar installation, discuss your energy needs, and provide personalized advice on the best solar battery solutions for you.

Based on the assessment, we tailor-design your solar system to match your specific energy requirements. We provide a detailed quote, highlighting the costs, savings, and return on investment, ensuring transparency and helping you make an informed decision.

Our certified installers will set up your solar panels and battery system with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Once installed, we’ll guide you through the activation process, ensuring your system is functioning efficiently and ready to power your home or business with clean, renewable energy.

Maximizing Your Solar Battery Investment for Greater Efficiency and Savings

With solar battery storage, you can significantly increase the self-consumption of your solar-generated energy. This means that the energy your solar panels produce during the day can be stored and used when sunlight is not available, reducing your reliance on the grid. The result? Lower electricity bills and a greener, more sustainable energy consumption pattern.

  • Solar batteries allow you to store excess solar power generated during off-peak hours for use during peak demand times. This not only avoids the higher charges associated with grid energy consumption during these periods but also enhances your energy independence.

Solar batteries provide an essential backup power solution during outages, ensuring that your business operations or household activities can continue uninterrupted. This level of grid independence is invaluable for maintaining continuity and security.

Solar battery systems may qualify for various rebates or incentives that reduce the overall cost and enhance the return on investment. These programs are designed to encourage renewable energy adoption and can significantly offset initial installation costs.

Understanding Key Solar Battery Technologies

Lithium-ion battery systems dominate the solar battery market due to their high efficiency, long lifespan, and superior safety features. They are the preferred choice for residential and commercial solar battery systems, offering reliable energy storage solutions.

  • The capacity of a battery (measured in kWh) determines how much energy it can store, while the power output (measured in kW) dictates how quickly that energy can be delivered. Understanding these two factors is crucial when selecting the right battery size for your energy needs.

All batteries experience degradation over time, which affects their capacity and efficiency. Factors such as usage, temperature, and charging cycles contribute to this natural process, making it important to consider when planning for long-term energy storage solutions.

Financial Considerations for Maximum ROI

While the initial investment in solar batteries can be significant, the long-term cost-saving benefits through reduced utility bills and potential incentives can lead to a favorable return on investment (ROI).

Numerous government and utility programs offer rebates or financial incentives to support the adoption of solar batteries. These can significantly reduce the initial cost and improve the financial viability of your solar investment.

A comprehensive ROI analysis will consider factors such as energy savings, avoided grid charges, and the potential value of rebates or incentives. This analysis is crucial for understanding the financial impact of integrating a solar battery system.

Follow Recommended Maintenance Practices

Simple maintenance tasks, such as visual inspections and keeping your battery system free from dust and debris, can go a long way in ensuring its optimal performance and lifespan.

Understand Warranty Terms

Familiarizing yourself with the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions is crucial for protecting your investment. For any repairs or maintenance beyond your capability, contacting a qualified technician is advisable.

By following these guidelines and making informed decisions, you can maximize the value and efficiency of your solar battery system, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-independent future.


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Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations. Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations.


No, it is the same program. The program has been renamed to “Hot Water” to more accurately reflect the variety of approved hot water products, including both solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems. The name change does not signify any other alterations to the program; the rebate value and eligibility criteria remain unchanged.

Similar to other products under the Solar Homes Program, the hot water rebate covers up to 50% of the cost of a hot water system, with eligible properties able to receive a rebate of up to $1,000.

All hot water installations must be performed by an authorized hot water retailer. Retailers are required to:

  • Ensure that plumbing work is carried out by a licensed plumber and that a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance is provided to the homeowner.
  • Ensure any electrical work is conducted by an electrician holding a current Class A Electrical License issued by Energy Safe Victoria. Additionally, a Certificate of Electrical Safety, certified by a licensed inspector registered with Energy Safe Victoria, must be supplied to the homeowner.
  • Offer a minimum five-year warranty on all major components of the solar hot water system.

No, you can install any system listed on the Hot Water Approved Products list. This allows households without available or suitable roof space for PV or solar hot water systems, such as apartments and townhouses, to participate in the program by installing a heat pump hot water system.

Eligible owner-occupier households that have received a hot water rebate can also apply for a solar PV rebate and loan, as well as a battery loan. Learn more about applying for a solar panel PV rebate.

FAQs for Existing Customers Who Have Moved

Yes. If you have relocated, you can apply for a hot water rebate, solar PV rebate and loan, and a battery loan as the owner-occupier of your new property.

No. If you have already installed a solar system, you are not eligible to claim a rebate after installation.

No, only owner-occupier households qualify for a hot water rebate.

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